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An Nisa’s Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of An Nisa’s frequently asked questions from both passengers and drivers.

  • What is An Nisa Taxi?
    An Nisa is a transportation app dedicated to empowering women to work, drive and earn in a safe work environment
  • How does one apply to become a driver?
    You will need to download the app, fill in the registration and we will call you for a follow up interview.
  • What are the requirements to become an An Nisa Taxi driver?
    You will need to provide the following documents: National ID A valid Police Clearance Certificate from DCI Driver’s regular driving license Driver’s PSV License (Badge) issued by the NTSA Vehicle Logbook/Sales Agreement Vehicle’s NTSA inspection sticker/report. Vehicle’s PSV insurance sticker.
  • What are the vehicle requirements?
    Your vehicle needs to have met the following measures: The vehicle must be a 2009 or newer model. The vehicle must seat four passengers. The vehicle must be a Hatchback, Sedan or Station Wagon. The vehicle must be in good cosmetic condition.
  • What are the advantages of working as an An Nisa driver?
    As an An Anisa driver, you are assured of flexible working hours, safe working environment, higher returns and lower commission.
  • Do you have the IOS version of the app?
    The IOS version is currently under standard development.
  • Can I refer a friend or a relative?
    Yes, you can refer a friend or relative. We have a driver referral program that allows drivers to refer their family or friends and they both get to earn Kshs 1000 as an incentive.
  • Can one apply to become a driver without having their own car?
    No. if applying to be a driver, one needs to have a vehicle already.
  • Can men apply to become An Nisa drivers?
    No, because An Nisa is a female only taxi service.
  • How much commission is charged per trip?
    A Comission of 15% is charged per trip.
  • How many years of driving experience does one need to have?
    A driver needs to have atleast 4 years of experience as required to apply for a PSV licence.
  • Can I use An Nisa Taxi with my male partner/friend.
    No, because An Anisa only caters for women and children unless it’s an emergency.
  • Are you operational in other counties?
    We are currently only operational in Nairobi County but we are looking to start our services in other counties.