An Nisa Taxi

" We are the most Trusted Cab Company In Kenya Founded in 2018 by Mehnaz Sarwar, An Nisa is a female-driven business dedicated to women either drivers or passengers, empowering them with opportunities to work and travel in a safe environment Our solution accommodates the demands of women by offering safe, reliable, and trustworthy mode of transportation. "

Dear drivers worldwide

The trend in the taxi market in recent years has been towards larger and larger taxi companies, linked to global apps, where significant central administration fees are charged to the drivers.

The market dominance of these Tech Giants rests on big money and irresponsible business strategies. Platforms like Uber are dodging regulations and driving out the self-employed drivers with low fares. These ride-hailing apps around the world are pulling in more and more drivers, resulting in a flooded market, where making minimum wage is almost impossible.

Drivers are earning poverty-level wages without any benefits or job security. Uber drivers are treated as independent contractors being exempt from all traditional employment protections such as hours and wage rules. Not surprisingly 69% of Uber drivers quit within their first year.

We are all about drivers. We commit to always put the welfare of drivers first in every decision and innovation. YourDriverApp is not a brand that targets passengers. We simply supply drivers with the technology that can help them to better service their customers. We will never compete for – or stand in between – drivers and passengers. 

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